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This Video Features Polar Bears And Other Wildlife in the Torngat Mountains National Park

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Watch This Torngat Mountains Video

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Experiences You Can Expect During Your Expedition To The Torngat Mountains Base Camp In Northern Labrador

Because Of The Far Northern Location Of The Torngat Mountains Base Camp - The Operating Season is Very Short. Open and Closing Dates For 2019 Will Be Announced Soon. For Tenative Planning Purposes However, You Should Plan From The First Week of August To The First Week of September

Saglek Airstrip Northern Labrador
Fly To St Lewis River Lodge Labrdor

Your Charter Flight Arrives At the Remote Saglek Airstrip

  • Depart Chicago or Other US City 7 am
  • Stop In Toronto To Clear Canadian Customs
  • Direct Flight To Saglek Airstrip From Toronto
  • Arrive At The Saglek Airstrip Mid Afternoon
  • Saglek AirPort Is Located On The Coast Of Northern Labrador

You will fly in the speed and pressurized comfort of the turbine powered Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft. The passenger cabin has been configured with just 6 seats to ensure maximum comfort, leg room and personalized service. Your flight is always operated with two professional flight crew.

Watch Video Featuring Flight Approach to The Saglek Airstrip

A Short Ride From The Saglek Airstrip To Base Camp
Torngat Ferry Boat Ride

It's Just A Short Boat Ride From The Saglek Airport To Base Camp

  • Upon Arrival At The Saglek Airport You Are Met By Base Camp Staff
  • You Will Then Transfer To A Large Trawler Type Boat For The Short Ride To Base Camp

As your flight begins to make its approach to the remote Saglek Airstrip you begin to get the sense of the majestic and awe inspiring beauty of the area. However, its not until you step off the aircraft and board the boat for the short ride to camp that you begin to fully realize that you are in a truly magnificent place.

Watch Video and Discover What You Will Experience Just Minutes After Landing At The Saglek Airport

Torngat Mountains Base Camp
Torngat Labrador Base Camp

The Torngat Mountains Base Camp is Like A Little Village

  • There Is No Nearby Town
  • There Are No Roads
  • The Base Camp Is Like A Small Village
  • Individual Accommodations For Groups of 2 - 6
  • Main Dining Area

Accommodations are individual "Yurt Style" structures set up for 2 - 6 guests. Base camp also offers smaller "Dome Style" structures set up for two guests. All accommodations include: electricity, heat and all bedding and while not fully modern are quite comfortable.

Link To Torngat Mountains Base Camp Website To Learn More About Accommodations

Labrador's Northern Lights
Torngat Mountains Northern Lights

On Most Clear Nights You Will Be Entertained By A Spectacular Light Show Courtesy Of The Northern Lights

  • Spectacular Light Show In The Northern Sky
  • Usually Visible On Clear Nights
  • Definitely Mesmerizing

You may have seen glimpses of the Northern Lights previously - but unless you have stood outside in northern Canada surrounded by total darkness - you probably have never witnessed anything so maginficent as the dazzling and spectacular light show courtesy of the Northern Lights.

Watch Our Featured Northern Lights Video

Torngat Mountains Amazing Scenery
Torngat Scenery

You Choose Your Activity - Hiking Trails / Boat Tours / Sport Fishing / Photo Tours

  • Numerous Excursions Available From Base Camp
  • All Excursions Include An Experienced Guide
  • Boat Tours Through Magnificent Fiords
  • Ancient Culture and History Abound

There are numerous excursions, hiking trips, boat tours to choose from. You choose your activities based on your spirit for adventure and capabilities. If you are up for a hiking trip over rough terrain with a medium weight backpack - you can choose a one day or overnight adventure. You may prefer the comforts of returning home to base camp each night and venturing out by boat to explore the many fiords as well as ancient and abandoned settlements such as Hebron which was first settled in 1830 and is now a national historic site. You may even have the opportunity to explore the region by helicopter.

Watch Video To Learn More About the scenery and excursions available

Arctic Char Fishing
Labrador Arctic Char Fishing

Be Sure to Bring Your Fishing Gear

  • Abundant Arctic Char

While you would not plan a trip to the Torngat Mountains as a fishing trip - there will be opportunities to cast your line for some excellent Arctic Char Fishing. Your guide will take you to the most productive waters where you can enjoy a few hours of catching and releasing Arctic Char. While back at camp the local camp staff will prepare dried as well as smoked char for an evening treat.

Watch Video To Learn More About Arctic Char Fishing In the Torngats

Torngat Mountains Icebergs and Boat Tours
Torngat Labrador Icebergs

Huge Icebergs Are Common In The Region

  • Photograph Majestic Icebers As You Tour The Labrador Coastline By Boat

While not guaranteed, icebergs are a common site as they flow with the wind and currents from the high Arctic regions and gradually make their way as far south as Newfoundland. Your boat captain will guide you to a safe distance to these massive ice structures allowing you to photograph them from all angles.

Watch Video Featuring Icebergs Along The Labrador Coast

Torngat Mountains Wildlife
Torngat Polar Bears

Plenty Of Wildlife Photo Opportunities

  • Polar Bears
  • Caribou
  • Marine Life
  • Eagles / Black Bears / Foxes and Numerous Bird Species
  • A Huge Selection Of Wild Flowers

If you are hiking overland or going ashore to explore a point of interest - you will always be accompanied by one or more "Polar Bear Guides" they are armed with rifles and are ever vigilant for Polar Bear sightings. In most cases, when a bear is spotted, a few shots fired in the air along with a flare pistol will scare the bears off.

Watch Video To Learn More About Polar Bears and Other Wildlife in The Area.

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Because Of The Far Northern Location Of The Torngat Mountains Base Camp - The Operating Season is Very Short. Open and Closing Dates For 2019 Will Be Announced Soon. For Tenative Planning Purposes However, You Should Plan Travel From The First Week of August To The First Week of September.

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